Joaillerie Lelieur


Did you know that?

Gold is expensive for the earth.

For 3 grams of gold, 1500 liters of water are wasted, 10 grams of mercury,

100 grams of cyanide and 5 tons of waste.

Every 42 seconds, the industry produces an Effeil tower of garbage.

Gold pollutes but gold lasts forever...


(data according to the site or du monde)


To remedy this, our approach is as follows...


Sensitive to environmental issues, Véronique Lelieur favors the gold of her clients' old jewelry, which she recycles.

We thus carry out custom-made projects in our French workshops to create new jewelry from old ones.

We are careful with resources

Our jewelry boxes are not only intended to present our jewelry but also to store and protect them. Inserts will be offered to you in order to complete a VL jewelry box, very practical, taupe color. So, if you don't need it, you won't have many boxes but only one for all your VL jewelry.

Both discreet and aesthetic, they will suit your interior.

They will not be single use but will accompany you throughout your life.

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