Joaillerie Lelieur

A creator outside conventions ...


Veronique likes to remember time spent learning how to make pearl necklaces with her grandmother and art jewelry with her mother.

Sumptuous chains, magnificent solitaires and splendid earrings became inspirations, after being toys,

Naturally, as the daughter of a jeweller, Veronique chose to become the 3rd generation.


After studying Gemology and  having developed her craft in the boutique, Veronique felt she needed to expand her knowledge and understanding further.

She decided to travel around the world to discover the origin of jewellery making.


Veronique seems to be unconventional but it is important to her that her personal desires, her way of life and Maison Lelieur are all in harmony.


Unifying projects

Veronique’s way of creation is guided by her interest in others. 

She likes to share her thoughts and sensations in order to develop insight and understanding around her.

We often meet artists, designers and engineers who join her to collaborate on a project.

Collaborations audacieuses :
         Nicolas JOUAS - Sculpteur métal (1)
          Jean Jacques MICHEL - Sculpture bois (2)
          Mathieu BODERE - Ébéniste d'art (3)

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