Joaillerie Lelieur


√ Allow a maximum of 3 months before D-Day to order your wedding rings, this will avoid stress.

√ You don't have to have identical alliances. It is important to choose a pattern and a metal that really suits you.

√ Opt for a half diamond wedding ring.

The reasons :

Comfort and safety: indeed, the part of the jewel which is inside the hand and the one which is most at risk of being damaged because it is subjected to many frictions.

The price: a fully paved jewel naturally takes longer to shape and the number of stones is greater!

The possibility of resizing in the event of pregnancy, weight gain or loss.

A full circle diamond wedding ring will be luminous, elegant and refined.

√ If the band of your engagement ring is not diamond, we recommend a wedding band set with diamonds to give more shine to the whole.

√ Traditionally, wedding rings are engraved with the first names of both spouses and the date of the wedding.

Symbol of your love.

It accompanies you throughout your life...

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